Craptions Classics February 02, 2011

“When we finally found the fountain of youth, none of us dared to drink from it.”


Other Craptions

Michelangelo finished this sculpture prematurely.

Thomas Calnan

"See that bird right there? Check this out! POW! Nailed him!"

This is a statue of Ipisalot, who in Greek mythology chose the worst possible time to look at Medusa.


Aphrodite was upset, but Poseidon explained it had been a long time and it happened to a lot of guys, and really it was a compliment.


'Scuse me, while I piss the sky


America felt they had to turn down France's first gift.

Thomas Calnan

Damn, can you imagine what he'd do to Uranus?


stoned and horny, I know how he feels...


R. Kelly's backyard.


What's that Zeus wasn't pissed? Oh, he was pissing. Why couldn't you tell us that before we sacrificed all our virgins?


PeeWorld was soon closed down for health code violations.

Kamikaze Phoenix

Never stand at the urinal next to Zeus. Lesson learned.


He just saw the Statue of Liberty with the robe off.

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