Craptions Classics February 01, 2011

Things not to get caught doing during a nuclear blast.


Other Craptions

Sure, I've got some skeletons in my closet. And my skeletons have some skeletons in their closets.

Thomas Calnan

After hilarious trial and error, people eventually figured out how to milk animals.


After this, the goat was relieved when God created Eve.


This looks familiar.... wait, that came out wrong.

Thomas Calnan

An uncomfortable silence fell over Mrs. Russell's grade 2 field trip as they entered the hall of awkward deaths.


This was one case Scooby and the gang chose not to solve.


Ok, Jim, why don't you tell me what you THINK a petting zoo is.


We get it Cracked, you went to a museum last November. Get over it.


You can lead a goat to your crotch, but you can’t make him lick it.


These two never made it to the ark


"Kind of a weird wedding present, Dave."


5 to 1 odds this is from a dig site in Alabama.


Thousand of years later, the fossilized remains of Charlie Sheen were fount intact.


Contrary to popular belief goats won't eat just anything.

Thomas Calnan
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