Craptions Classics January 27, 2011

China started taking payment's on America's debt in installments...


Other Craptions

Suddenly realizing she was actually in New Jersey, Lady Liberty took drastic measures to escape.


Christ, Glenn. Can't you just come to work in a Prius like the rest of us?


You can always tell which tourists are American.


Later that day it crashed into Mount Rushmore, killing five. It was referred to as the most patriotic tragedy ever.

Thomas Calnan

"My god, it's what we've always feared! We can't let her get away! Launch the Washington Monument!"

Thomas Calnan

Through resourcefulness and a complete disregard for physics, Charleton Heston eventually made it off the Planet of the Apes.


Meanwhile at the Department of Defense, one hundred "I told you so's" echo through out the halls at the French secret weapon "gift"


Thus marked the day terrorists became comic book villains.


Why does it say "Made in China"?


"Hey look, I can see the statue of liberty from up here!"


Blimp my ride


See? I told you they'd let us into America if we came in this.


Unknown Fact: The Statue of Liberty heads South every Winter.


Ironically, flying this symbol of freedom landed him directly into police custody.

William Chase Mitchel
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