Craptions Classics January 19, 2011

NOBODY expects the Imperial Inquisition!


Other Craptions

"Is Pimp Vader gonna have to Force choke a bitch?"

Jeff Kelly

"I dressed as the two things that scared me most as a child."

William Chase Mitchel

Star Wars: A New Pope


The new Pope stunned the Catholic world, first with his attire, and then with his first edict: "may divorce be with you."


Hi, I am Nigerian Lord Vader. Recently I have been cheated out of a vast amount of money by the new Prince Palpatine. I have taken refuge in a neighboring country, but all I ask for is a deposit of 18 trillion dollars....


I am your father... your son, and your Holy ghost


Jedi Knight takes Bishop. Check mate. White wins.

Thomas Calnan

I'd laugh, but you know, the strangling.


If he tries to show you his imperial "probe" droid, just run.


The Pope of Scientology


Never let your grandmother make your Comic Con outfit.


"Luke! I am your creepy uncle!.... Keep this between you and me, alright buddy.."


"You know Yoda and Grievous and Windu and Darth Maul...but do you recall...the most famous Jedi of all?"

Kamikaze Phoenix
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