Craptions Classics January 18, 2011

"Ugh, someone got Greece on the walls."

William Chase Mitchel

Other Craptions

The YMCA doesn't even try to hide it anymore.


If you miss a 'protection' payment to the gay mafia, they first send a warning. A fabulous warning.


I swear the crotch follows you around the room


"I hope this finally brings the chicks around. Because man I love chicks, just, so much."

William Chase Mitchel

After much deliberation it was finally decided that the painting would be done above the back door.


"No way! I ALSO like to explore caves!"


Do you have this in 'straight'?


I never needed a safe word for gym class... until now...


"18th of January, 2211 A.D. We have dug up an old large mansion. Currently, we are pondering about the symbolic images in the swimming pool, and who this John Travolta was."


No ... no, this is the first time I've snuck into the women's washroom. No wonder there's always a line up.


"You know what I really want for lunch, Todd? A fat, foot-long Philly cheese steak sandwich. I don't know why."


Good to see Cracked doesn’t discriminate: Yesterday Cheesecake; Today Beefcake.


I wanted a mural of hot air balloons for the childrens gym Steve. Not Hot Hairy Buffoons.


"If only we had a Bedazzler..."

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