Craptions Classics January 17, 2011

See, this is how you get people interested in the WNBA.


Other Craptions

First my wife bitches at me to do more work around the house, then she bitches at me when I finally get around to painting our kitchen.


Feminine hygiene ads always make me uncomfortable


Billy never knew how to answer the question "What does your mom do for a living"


The outfit says "look at my boobs", but the face says "AND I WILL MAKE DUST OUT OF YOUR SKULL". Still...fair trade.


Mother Time, sick of always being upstaged by Father Time, hired Stan Lee to re-vamp her image.


I don't see what everyone has against Women's Basketball.... Michael Bay and I love it.

Chris Berglund

In the future, this will replace the Mona Lisa in the Louvre.


Sarah Palin's next campaign poster.


She may abuse balls, but at least she is never late for anything.


This wouldn't be so bad if the backetball didn't have it's climax face on.


Wonderwoman's suffering from PMS!! RUN!!!!!

Chris Berglund

Extreme time of the month

Chris Berglund

After her family was brutally murdered, she swore to fight crime as...uhh...I'm sorry I completely forgot what I was talking about.


I remember my grade 7 gym teacher with fondness.

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