Craptions Classics July 07, 2006

The flash flood receded as quickly as it had appeared. Quicker, even.


Other Craptions

...and the credits never came...



"How come I always have to be and?"

Semen Samich

Studies indicate that one out of every four people will be disappointed by the Rapture.

Linux fan

There comes a time in every man's life when he realizes that his life is pointless and his friends are complete douchebags. For Phil, this was that time.


Their duties on earth fulfilled, the cast of "Queer Eye" activated their anti-gravity pants and set off to homosexualize another planet.

The Clay

The teenagers all tried to wriggle free from the tractor beam, all except for Dan, he knew it was hopeless to resist.


Mourice thought to himself, "Raise your hand if your gay" and was very mildly amused.


Gary suddenly come to the realisation that they wre not, in fact, Power Rangers. They were just gay.


"Uhh...did anyone bring the parachutes?"


A Team! Anti-gravity booties activate!

Mr. Mad

The Skittles ad team takes the catchphrase "Taste the Rainbow" a bit too seriously.


...The the wind changed...

The Snark
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