Craptions Classics January 10, 2011

Advancements in photo resolution reveal that Hemingway's famed exploits were not quite what they seemed.

William Chase Mitchel

Other Craptions

In the official report the Tiger had a gun.


lolcatz were less funny in 1865


...and then CalvinBall took a rough turn.


Keep at him men! He'll fold soon enough!


It was all quite humorous until Tom sliced his jugular on the cardboard and bled to death.

William Chase Mitchel

"Great acting chaps - this should convince our superiors that the German front line is too dangerous to attack. Now, one more, but this time with the shark."


“Gerald, it's a rifle, not a club for crying out loud. Are you trying to make us all look like idiots?”


While the decoy kept them busy, Tony the Tiger prepared to tear into the bastards who fucked with his corn flakes.


So what did you do in the war, Daddy?


Though Lewis stabbed him valiantly in the stomach, and Chester was awarded the kill for his sharpshooting, only Max was able to get to "third base" with the beast.


Relax, PETA. We'll draw another one.

Thomas Calnan

After 4 hours of intense combat, a sudden breeze rolled through and blew over the cardboard cut out. A little embarrassed, the four men returned home.


It may not look dangerous but it's already killed 6 cardboard cut-out children.

Thomas Calnan

"Dammit men! We just weren't prepared for this... The-The creature is.....LAMINATED!!!!"

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