Craptions Classics January 07, 2011

"Why won't my dad wave to me?"

Thomas Calnan

Other Craptions

The Browns are looking tougher than ever this year.


Ok, I'll admit it. I just don't understand cricket


You wonder how a short guy like Napoleon could rise to the top of the French army ... until you see the rest of the French army


White men can't jump...but boy, can some of them ever prance!


It is technically impossible not to make a gay joke here.


With a mild gust of wind, Latvia's national army was defeated.


"Keep it together," Mark thought to himself, "it's prance, twirl, spin thrust, dodge. I don't want to embarrass myself like I did at last week's show"


I wish M. Night Shyamalan would stop making movies


I think it is bullshit that Synchronized Flouncing isn't being recognized as an Olympic sport in 2014.


"Sweep the leg, Johnny."


The Japanese remake of 'The Longest Yard.'


Survival Journal Entry Day 12: "Had we only known we could have prepared. Our ammunition just....doesn't work. I fear I have but only minutes before they sense my out of season jacket-vest. The Flamboyant Zombie Apocalypse is among us...."


Survival Journal Entry Day 16: "I hear rumors of a survival enclave up in Montana. I feel like that's my safest bet. No gay has ever stepped foot in Montana, let alone a gay zombie. Let's just hope my radio stays intact.."


It didn't work for Cpl Klinger and it won't work for you guys either. It's off to the Middle East with the lot of you!

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