Craptions Classics July 06, 2006

Navigator my ass. You're never touching the controls again.


Other Craptions

A big crowd gathered to see the skyscraper hatch.

Linux fan

Putting a large, shiny object in the town square was the preferred method of catching all the stoners in the city.


Artist: "Hey, I'd like to build a giant silver... thing!"

Government: "Brilliant!"

Sea Man

One benefit of poisoning the oceans with mercury was that tsunamis became harmless and quite beautiful.

Chab Gassie

The T-1000 was back, and he was fuckin' pissed.


"For one cow, you get five beans. For a whole herd of cows, you get this motherfucker."

mike hunt

Mesmorized by their own reflections, they are easy meat for the silver whale


In the end, global warming hit the Silver Surfer the hardest.


It was agreed. Micheal Crichton's sequel to 'Sphere', 'Oddly Shapen Bean Thingy', would not live up to it's predecessor.

Chuck Vanderbilt

After 7 years and $23 million dollars, Chicago finally had a representative landmark: a large silver turd.

le douche

Although in awe of the new technology, no one could come up for a need to see a couple of seconds into the future.

Lance Awesome

Although impressive, John's new bicyle helmet was nevertheless impractical.


The T-1000 really let itself go after production ended for Terminator 2: Judgment Day.


Nowhere during the approval, planning, or construction of the Biggy Smalls memorial did the council members admit to not knowing what a "bling" was.

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