Craptions Classics January 02, 2011

Remember before the internet? When porno films actually had storylines?


Other Craptions

"You look ridiculous. I'm naked, and even I have a cell phone."


"No, I said meet me by the phone with a HEART-ON"


Hello, eharmony? I'd like to cancel my account please.


"Hello, police? Yeah, he's writing his name in the snow again."


Arctic Superman later froze to death from a lack of phone booths to change his clothes in.


Thank god he chose the backpack. The fanny pack would have just been embarrassing.


The only receptionist in Ukraine

Chris Berglund

It's true; you can get a restraining order over the phone now.


Hey. I'm booty. You called?


"Hello Doctor? Yeah, hi... Ummm. This is going to sound strange but-*Ask if they deliver!*- Shut up Mark! Anyways, like I said, this may sound strange but, I'm going to need a cure for LSD...."


"Yeah Santa.... it's me.... Listen, we gotta guy here who says he's an elf. He seems like more of a fairy."

Chris Berglund

Steve knew he had made it to the parallel dimension when he saw pay-phones were still in use


"Someone wants to know if your name is... Mike Hunt?"


Don't you hate it when you don't know whether you're heading to the Bahamas or Mount Everest until you get on the plane, so you try to pre-emptiveless dress for either occasion?

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