Craptions Classics December 28, 2010

America's public libraries experienced a renaissance thanks to a new PSA campaign, "Read Novels, Get Bitches."

William Chase Mitchel

Other Craptions

"P is for the Pussy that I get left and right. I is for the Inches that she'll suck down tonight. M is for the Money that she forgot to bring. And P is for more Pussy 'cause it's good to be that king. Good night, kids."


"I'm sorry ladies, but my 2011 Priority Taxonomy Schedule shows that you still come after Bro's.


Have you ever searched all the way to the end of your cable channels?


Pimpin' ain't easy. But let's face it, it ain't that hard, either.


Nice try, but church is still boring.


Being able to read can get you a lot of perks in third world countries


Knowing the importance of the 18-35 year old male demographic, Jesus made his second coming a little more bad ass.


"Embargo? Hahahahahahaha.... I think we'll do just fine." ~ Fidel Castro


It's grainy and inconclusive, but in the background is perhaps the only documented photographic evidence of legendary Clothed Ron Jeremy.


“Welcome back to the swingers bible hour. I’m Reverend Flash. These lovely ladies are Sisters Mary and Marley. And now let’s get back to that groovy Sodom and Gomorrah tale shall we.”


I'm so glad that Lavar Burton got replaced on Reading Rainbow.


Gandhi: The Musical


Best reading of "A Christmas Carol" ever!


"... and so, kids, that's how a bill becomes a law!"

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