Craptions Classics December 25, 2010

It got awkward when Pestilence pointed out to Famine that they were standing under mistletoe.


Other Craptions

The problem is, some people want things like murder, rape, and pillage for Christmas, and frankly, Santa does not do these things...but like with most other things, outsourcing is the solution.

Kamikaze Phoenix

"You're fucked if you're on my naughty list."

Chris Berglund

This is Santa's step brother , Satan Claus


"Santa's "Naughty List" was accidentally sent to the Grim Reaper instead."


Deck the skulls with boughs of horror, Val hal la val hal la la la la


No, really, it's great. Just what I wanted...


"Look at this. You see this? Some kid just gave me candy. No one is afraid of us anymore. I told you these stupid costumes were a bad idea. Let's just forget about being Santas and go back to killing people..."

Kamikaze Phoenix

HE-SANTA And the Masters of the toy making factory!

Frank Capra's "It's A Wonderful Afterlife" wasn't released.

Chris Berglund

Somewhere, the new Bill and Ted sequel lost its focus.


"...and that's the last time those goddamn Elves ever tried to go on strike."


Even in Hell they celebrate christmas!


Let me explain to you how VooDoo dolls work. You see, when I push up on the doll's butt with my thumb like this, horns pop out of your head. Cool, huh? Want to see what else it can do?


"Yeah, I get it a lot too. Why can't a man just wear a little color?"

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