Craptions Classics December 21, 2010

You think this is disturbing, wait till you see the part of the statue greeting commuters at the underground subway station.


Other Craptions

Yes, let's put spotlights under it, just in case no one sees it...


GREETINGS! I am the GREAT AND POWERFUL, screw it. Mind the gap. Mind the gap.


You lied and stared at Medusa at the same time again, didn't you?


Japan's head of transportation.


"We have just arrived in Watergate Station."


"YOU THERE, PITIFUL HUMAN WRETCH! Is this the 2:15 to Tokyo?"

Alex Palmer

Granite, he can be a schist sometimes, but really his bad attitude is all talc.


When you stop to smell the flowers, are they horrified?


As if public transportation needed to be MORE unsettling.


"Next stop: Kyoto train station. Please stand clear of the closing doors. I AM ICHIGO, MASTER OF SCHEDULING!"


"What do you mean there's no room for me on the train? Is it because I'm a foreigner? Hm? Is that it?"


The trains are running a head of schedule.

Thomas Calnan

Doug could never stick to a plan. Like when he started sculpting a statue, and stopped before it was done to build a train station instead.


When they hit the lights after dark he tells a mean ghost story.

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