Craptions Classics July 04, 2006

"I've got an idea. Quick, give me your penis."


Other Craptions

Shpere-droid 36 returning to base. I have the negro


"Shit, SHIT, floating away here!"
"Don't worry, I've got you."


"Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!"
"...We're supposed to touch HANDS, you fag!"


I see Brazil, I see France, I see Vieira's underpants.

Calico Jack

The superglue did the trick; Louis had the ball. Now all the other players had to do was run him over to the other net.

Senor Taco

"Hey Zidane if the ball looks like it's gonna hit me in the face grab my balls so I won't feel it."


Zinedine discreetly checked to see what size pants to buy Patrick for his birthday.

Linux fan

Unable to restrain their "excitement" for the game, the French soccer players had to hide it with their hands.


Unsure of what might happen next, Juninho stops in his tracks, suddenly fearful of what might happen to his own penis.


In this 'spot the ball' competition there are at least 9 correct answers.


Not surprisingly, Juninho fully supported FIFA’s decision to display penis lengths on player shirts. Zidane, at that exact moment, was kind of regretting his campaign for it.

Caption Man


Apocrypha Jones

Wait til you try the cream filling in this batch of clone babies.

Gary Ball

Look. Into my elbow. Look. It's God.

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