Craptions Classics February 06, 2006

Just when Katrina survivors thought conditions at the Superdome couldn't get any worse...


Other Craptions

Excuse me. Sorry. Pardon me. Coming through. Whoops. Excuse me.

Linux fan

Twenty one casualties later Chicago realized why most mascots are humans in costumes.


"Just give the bull the damn camera, Steve."

"No, it's mine!"

Joe Pants

Rarely, if ever, do you get to see a bull do a stage-dive. And when they do, it's glorious.

German Agent 006

Red Bull gives you wings.

Black bull gives you death.

Lenkrad mit Fusspedalen

Red Bull's latest advertising campaign didn't go quite according to plan.


And as the bull began wreaking havoc the man in the blue shirt realised how soft and furry he was.

Michael Nguyen

Dammit, can somebody tell me where the China shop is?


Fans mob Kirsty Alley for an autograph


Why you should never build a grandstand on top of a critter spawn point.

Chab Gassie

Pedro's last thought before the bull trampled him to death was he hoped caption writers everywhere found this as funny as he did.

When Jews Attack Part 7

"I'm sorry we printed pictures of your bull prophet, please stop!!!!"

tony c

"You called me a what??"


While free bobblehead Tuesdays had been a hit, the Stadium manager wasn't so sure the new giveaways were such a good idea.

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