Craptions Classics December 09, 2010

No one is above the law.


Other Craptions

"Okay officer, I HAVE been drinking... but look - you can't be completely sober either..."

Thomas Calnan

"...Don't worry chief! He won't get away this time! We're right on top of him!"

Kamikaze Phoenix

"Look, chief. We told you we needed an eye in the sky. You told us we aren't funded for a helicopter. So here we are."


Isn't it racist to have 3 cop cars on a black car?


With time and therapy, The Hulk eventually overcame his obsessive compulsive disorder.

William Chase Mitchel

"COPS is filmed on location with the men and women of the Cirque du Soleil"


At first, car pooling didn't catch on because some didn't understand it.


Totem Police.


"Do you know why we pulled you over? More importantly, do you know HOW?"

Kamikaze Phoenix

Clearly the black car was on PCP


Looks like the Duke boys outwitted them again.


Man, I could have sworn we were being followed a minute ago.


The bottom one is a police car too. It's just... undercover.

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