Craptions Classics November 28, 2010

In the future, people from the Jersey Shore are still douchebags.


Other Craptions

In this dystopic wasteland only those with gym memberships will survive.


In the future, there will be NO pants. It's a mixed blessing.


I've given you head gasket with a lube job but you've blown a rod and fluid is everywhere. Let me just tighten these nuts, align your axle and you'll be good to go.


Right then, a strong breeze gave everyone an unfortunate view of robocock.

Kamikaze Phoenix

Pron: The Porno response to Tron.

Chris Berglund

Do I see California's newest gubernatorial candidate?


Does the steel floor match the drapes?

Chris Berglund

resistance is sexy...


Furries want to do it with animals. These guys want to do it with Transformers. And toasters. And vacuum cleaners. Perhaps a fax machine.

Kamikaze Phoenix

Come Lola! We have a Sci-Fi Channel original movie to ruin!


When Mad Max first met Irate Irene, it was love/hate at first sight.


Natasha and The Hammer were the only undefeated gladiators in the Death Arena, at least until Sven Master of the Obvious figured out their one weakness - the completely unarmored portions of their bodies.


Stars of the porno "Full Metal Whackit".

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