Craptions Classics July 02, 2006

"Would you like to help fund the building of a second Death Star?"


Other Craptions

Oh you wanted me to bring you the Wookies.. I thought you said bring you some...arg! Lord Vader...Noooooo!

Celestial Gold

The force is strong with this batch.


your lack of sprinkles disturbs me.


What do you mean Mother's Special Recipe? You're a fucking clone!


He bitterly watched the Rebel’s bikini-carwash across the street, they just had to do it the same damn day, didn't they.


Come to the dark side, we have donuts.

Mr. Spanky

At the rally Vader said "During at the battle we are going to hand out ass kickings and sprinkled donuts, and we're all out of donuts". Completely missing the point, Steve stopped and grabbed some.

fat buddha

The new and improved Scout Trooper: the Girl Scout Trooper.

Linux fan

Star Wars fans would go insane with rage as Lucas released yet another edition of the original trilogy, shifting the debate from "who shot first?" to "what the fuck?"


Obi-Wan had really pushed his jedi minds tricks to a whole new level.


"Now witness the firepower of this fully operational E-Z-Bake oven"

Mr. Bad Example

The Empire made a brief and unsuccessful foray into killing its enimies with kindness.


"Would you like a flattened shit? They're just delicious."


Jim's Star Wars themed catering service met a quick and horrible end when the giant, flaming Nissan exploded out of nowhere.

The Boss
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