Craptions Classics November 21, 2010

"Resistance? 'Tis nought but futility! Thy distinctiveness shalt be added to our own! Verily!"

Kamikaze Phoenix

Other Craptions

When your silversmith and your tailor are the same person, it's time to admit you have a problem.


Most people left the World of Warcraft at home when they turned off their computers and headed out into the real world. Bruce was not most people.


In the niche genre of steampunk gay porn, Sir Edward Bumtickle is a superstar.


Slash's grandfather on tour with Gatling Guns 'n' Roses


Lady Gaga's first boyfriend had a huge impact on who she would be become


how will you recognize me? well , i'll be wearing a hat.


These final fantasy bosses get lamer every sequel..


Oh thank God, I thought they'd never make Wild Wild West 2


It cost him his job, his marriage and his life savings, but Harold had to be Harold, and Harold was a pewter figurine trapped in a man's body and he had to be set free and put on display for all to admire.


Glad I didn't wear the jacket too, that might have looked ridiculous.


Steam Punk Fabulous. A fashion trend that lasted from the time this guy thought of it, til the time he showed it to somebody.


Wrought Iron Man


"No, no, I'm not wearing this because I like it. I have chest pains, my shoulders got dislocated, my right eye is light sensitive and my kidneys hurt. The hat? Well, you have to admit the hat is pretty fucking fancy."


Octavio's professional wrestling dreams came to a crushing end when WWE's Vince McMahon stopped his audition just minutes after it started, informing him that he was too tacky even for them.

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