Craptions Classics November 17, 2010

"Wait a minute, wait a minute... I think I see the problem. We're drunk."

Thomas Calnan

Other Craptions

"Hey, I can still see I'm homeless from up here!"


It was very nice of Otto and Fritz to provide the police snipers with a clear target.


"There had better be one HELL of a reward for this cat!"

Thomas Calnan

Now that I have you trapped up here, Jeb, I thought you should know I think you have a sweet ass


Yes, you complain about glossy fake-looking CGI, but do you realize that without it, THIS is the X-Men movie?


Just two more X's and they can sell dirty movies.


"Yeah! I'll be damned if Google Street View gets our farm animal orgy on film THIS time."

Thomas Calnan

Well... At least used German tractor sellers are riding high in this recession!


If this is how you keep Tom Cruise out of your country, then I support it.


You know, Jeb, it's times like these, wind in my hair and the landscape spread before me that I just wanna take my sniper rifle out and shoot the ever-loving shit out of anything that moves.


Ich bin ein Deereliner.


Watch out for hop-ons. You're gonna get hop-ons.


... because why talk to women when I can just stare down their shirts

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