Craptions Classics July 01, 2006

"You know what, popular kids? You may shun me from your social group, but I'm going home to make the most bad ass website you've ever seen! That's right, you haven't seen the last of David Wong!"


Other Craptions

"Bring me that one, he amuses me."


no, my friend. it is YOU that is gay.


After the Gay Pride parade comes the Gay Complete Lack Of Shame parade.

Mr. Bad Example

I want you, for the San Francisco National Guard.


"20 points," said the man in the red SUV. "Each of them is worth 20 points."


So THIS is what Kim Jong-il is doing in North Korea!

no one

The latest maketing ploy to sell foam cups may not have been thought out properly.


oh sure the parade was fun, but Mango couldn't enjoy himself for thinking that maybe the tie just didn't go with this outfit.

little lost lamb

"You are now pregnant with my child."

"But.. how?"

"It is the mystery of the dance."


Embarrassed about being in the picture, the nipples tried to cover themselves up to remain anonymous.

Linux fan

Pablo Ruth confidently pointed out to left field, just before pulling out his bat.


You.....that's right you..... Fred Phelps ....... I know what you REALLY want........ .you want ME .....and I'm sorry you'll just have to act nicer


Tailgate parties at a San Fransisco 49er game are much different than other NFL franchises

Rat Boy

No, Hannity, my friend... "You Sir, are a Great American"

Choosing to "Like" Cracked has no side effects, so what's the worst that could happen?

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