Craptions Classics November 07, 2010

I can't wait to see how the other 12 clowns exit the vehicle.

Colin Murdock

Other Craptions

I can't drive schtick.


It's all fun until he crashes and breaks some McRibs.


lets see that bitch from Wendy's beat this


The results of Dan's nervous breakdown were as terrifying and unpredictable as they were hilarious.


Slappy just then realized the enormity of the situation. His shoes were too big to hit the brakes.


None of the horsemen of the apocalypse were described very accurately.


When Bobo lost the bottom half of his body in a tragic banana peel accident, everyone laughed and laughed. Well, no one was laughing anymore.


If it's frightened enough, even an ATV will try to buck off its rider.


Wait until the Clown Union hear about this - driving the clown car at a jaunty angle without a funny hat - shocking disregard for regulations here.


It's an optical illusion. Anyone riding that thing would look like a clown.

Thomas Calnan

Ronald's younger brother, Louis McDonald, was always showing off in a desperate attempt to escape from the shadow of the fast-food icon.


This isn't the "Red-head rides it rough" I intended to Google.


"Hey ASSHOLE! All we want are balloon animals!"

Thomas Calnan

"The victim was face-down in a custard pie with tire marks across their back. Who could have done this??"

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