Craptions Classics November 01, 2010

I like to come to the beach to unwind a little...


Other Craptions

He thought someone had been secretly taping him, but now he was sure.

Kamikaze Phoenix

The sad thing is he left behind a wife and 2 rolls of cellophane who never got the chance to really know their father.

Fortunately, Plastic Wrap Man was an organ donor. This was rather convenient as his organs stayed fresh for 3 to 4 days.


You can kill me if you want. But I will NEVER biodegrade, Bwa-ha-ha haaa!


Heidi Montag's body rejected the latest plastic surgery, and she began to return to her base form.


He's not as entertaining as Bubble Wrap Man.


Just off camera, there's a Native American crying.


Alas, Cellophane-Man did not last more than a few days after his creation. But his remains will last for thousands of years to come.


Poor guy was hit by a plastic explosive.


Good lord man, get yourself together.


Auschwitz Recycling Plant commits unspeakable atrocities.


After another horrifying injury, the sex toy company was forced to issue a recall.


Dammit, Larry! This is the fourth time you've stepped on my heel and made me unravel! It's not funny anymore!

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