Craptions Classics October 24, 2010

Never cut off Poseidon on the interstate!


Other Craptions

Michael Bay washes his car...


When the peanut butter truck and the chocolate truck crashed Reeses was born. When the Coke truck and the Mentos car crashed, there were no survivors.


If you bought insurance when you picked up the rental car, why not have a little fun.


Dear TLC, I'll f***ing chase waterfalls if I want to. Your sincerely, Destiny's Child.


I think your radiator might be leaking. Pop the hood and I'll check.

Kamikaze Phoenix

Even in a picture of WATER, the Coca-Cola corporation found a way to do a product placement. That's persistence.

Kamikaze Phoenix

The good news: He didn't hit the cat.


Somewhere else there's a very surprised man getting sucked into his toilet.


Yellow Stone National Park: 2050


Annoying alarm that people ignore anyway eh? You should see what my car does when somebody tries to break in.


God hates people who park in handicapped spaces.


Don't open that soda...don't open that soda...don't open that soda... DAMMIT!


Clear skies with only a 1% chance of rain. But that 1% is coming down pretty heavy.


After realizing that nobody was taking him seriously about climate change in the oceans, even after sending Katrina, Poseidon decides to show up on Oak St. and start some shit.

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