Craptions Classics October 22, 2010

"Look, all's I'm saying is that if you're gonna argue that Nietzsche's existential identity was...oh, shit, Earl. I knocked the fuckin' pyramid over. My bad."


Other Craptions

Stupid Australians. Your beer-can pyramid will never stand upright as long as you're on the underside of the earth.


People often forget the true victims of the earthquake in Haiti


Well, that was fun, but we better go. That airliner isn't going to fly itself.


This is Australian for "light drinking".


Noon. Australian for beer.


Gary gives a visual demonstration of the U.S. economy.


For them personally it was the day the towers fell, and they too would never forget.


A metaphor of the rest of their lives.


This is what happens whenever their wives forget to bring coloring books to keep them occupied at dinner.


"Golds"....Australian for Kangaroo piss!


Good GOING, BOB! Without the beercan pyramid we're going to have to rely on our good looks and Harvard breeding to get the chicks.

God damn Aussie Rules Beer Stacking. What do you mean if we tie we do the whole fucking thing all over again next week?


"Good lord, this is difficult. Where's a drunk Egyptian when you need one?"

Thomas Calnan

"This is why we can't have nice things."

Chris Radomile
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