Craptions Classics October 20, 2010

Citizen! Explain what that human meant by "Gay." You have five seconds to comply.


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Japan. Where men are boys, and boys are confused


Kevin already got teased for having two dads, but it was really embarrassing when they insisted on dropping him off at school in their giant robotic tiger.


In Japan, it's finally legal for two Power Rangers to marry.

Kamikaze Phoenix

Well, Billy, when we wear the masks, the bullies can't see us cry.


"Young human sentient. We have been assigned to help locate your parental units. Confirm whether or not this severed head is a match."


Even though Chris Tucker and Ice Cube arrived in Japan incognito, they were instantly discovered when they spotted a fine honey walking by.


The Space Warriors backed away in fear under the horrific gaze of their ruthless master


The Might Morphin Power Rangers' "don't ask, don't tell" policy was a moderate success


"Henry Wu? You're under arrest for the future murder of Justin Bieber. Just kidding! Want some candy?"


"Fuck off little kid. We got these costumes first."


The Hip Hop Accordian Players Super Karate Break Dance Troop is always happy to play at children's parties. Hell, they're elated to just be outside.


"Blue Ranger, no!!! Not to our demographic!!-- *POW* --NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"


sorry kid, white power ranger only saves white folks.


"Cheer up Jeffey. We only brutally slaughtered your birthday clown in front of your impressionable eyes because he sucked ass."

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