Craptions Classics October 18, 2010

The penalty was for unnecessary fabulousness.


Other Craptions

Ooh! The ref has called "Whateva." That's 2 minutes in the penalty box. An "Oh no you di-in't" would have resulted in an ejection.


How can we have a proper game when everyone is playing for the same team?

Thomas Calnan

You know, I don't care what game it is - a referee has got to be more decisive than that.

Thomas Calnan

The Indifference Parade failed to attract an audience.


I am also a fan of not caring


The other ref disagreed with the call. He declared it to be "Meh".

Thomas Calnan

And everyone agrees the ref will be blowing more than the whistle today.


Next week on "So You Think You Can Prance."


His co-workers at Foot Locker have no idea how he spends his weekends.


Jim's gaydar fried his brain when he walked out of his apartment and saw this.


"I'm still confused about what Eva wants. I don't think she noticed my sign."


Whew, he just gave the "Whateva" sign. I was worried he was going to throw the "HAAAYYYY!!" sign.


Upon further review, it was decided thea this man was not actually a referee and he was escorted from the stadium.


Please don't have a wardrobe malfunction... Please don't have a wardrobe malfunction...

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