Craptions Classics October 16, 2010

I knew I shouldn't have hired the Salvador Dali Wrecking Service.


Other Craptions

I see the Scientologists have started decorating their Christmas tree


Whoever made the fence actually thought someone would want to go near this?


Sure it's street legal, but it does violate several sodomy laws.


"Look, Sarge - you want him to have a parking ticket so badly - you give it to him..."

Thomas Calnan

What's the matter, bull-human orgy got your tongue?


"What a coincidence?! I'm also tripping acid!"


I could tell this was a piece of art. Nobody was there to look at it.


"Hello, this is Gene Simmons for Cash for you have any broken or unwanted gold just lying around?"


"What kind of fucked up happy meal toy is this!?!"


"This sculpture really speaks to me." "Oh yeah? Whats it say?" "That we need to get the FUCK out of Atlanta!"


All that glitters is not gold, for the child whose head is up the ass of the man who is old, while wrangling the beast on the blob as I have told, for all that glitters is not gold.


J. D. Power and Associates named this car the most fucked up thing they had ever seen.


Sure it's embarrassing to drive, but there's no way I'm walking to the corner store.

Thomas Calnan

"No I won't explain to you how I obtained it. Now just give me my fucking money Cash4Gold!"

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