Craptions Classics October 14, 2010

The first sexbot only gave handjobs... painful painful handjobs.


Other Craptions

Great. A courtesy droid with a big smile and bigger tits. Now what is a girl with a liberal arts degree supposed to do to earn a living?


Shit, America. Get it together. Even our robots are fat.


He has a face only a Stop sign could love.


Well, it's more busty and has more personality than my last girlfriend...


A lot of people claim that Oscar Emery-Pratt got his job because his dad owns the company, but it's really because he smiles a lot and isn't afraid to terminate other employees.

Kamikaze Phoenix

Oscar was later mugged by three Segways and an iPod.


After Rosie retired from her service to the Jetsons, she really let herself go...


"Give me a quarter, and I'll tell you your weight. Give me twenty dollars, and I'll gently vibrate for you all night."


Capable of either smiling or making an O-face. Now that's my kind of robot. (wink!)


Oscar vowed to be a real boy, even if it meant taking out every other boy on Earth...


its nice to see the photo copier work its way up the corporate ladder.


Oh great, now the greeter at Wal-Mart has been replaced.


Hello, I'll be your nightmare this evening.


After working as a mannequin, Death-Bot feels no remorse when enslaving mankind.

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