Craptions Classics October 04, 2010

Now we're just fucking with future archeologists


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Disgusting. This is why I only buy free range-organic bicycles.


The doctors should have known better than to discard Lance Armstrong's testicle in fertile soil.


This is what China will look like after the Rapture


And they say at midnight on the dark of the new moon, if you listen closely you can hear it on the wind from the Bicycle Graveyard: "ring-ring, ring-ring..."


Please save the bikes! Donate 2$ to help these abused bikes find a better life. By donating 2$ we will give you a photo of the bike you helped save. Don't you want these bikes to have a better life?


Step 1: Collect bicycles; Step 2: ... ; Step 3: PROFIT!


Don't laugh, Segway, you're next.


"You said this city needed a bike trail..." said Sal the wise-ass contractor.

William Chase Mitchel

And as the autumn wind brings a chill in the air, the noble bikes retreat to their traditional hibernating grounds where they will slumber until spring.


Choose wisely, for as the True Bike will bestow life, so too shall the false one take it from you.


Lots of Huffies, a few Giants, some Treks, a Cannondale or 2... Yes Officer, what we have here, is definitely a "No Schwinn Situation"!


So maybe Paperboy wasn't a game after all.


The Duggars need to stop having children.

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