Craptions Classics October 03, 2010

Micheal Bay decided that Transformers 3 needs a stereotypical flamboyantly gay autobot. Meet Fabulon.


Other Craptions

When feeling threatened, the school bus can camoflauge itself as a psychedelic hallucination.


His mother was a Volkswagen Bug and his father was David Bowie.


"Look...all we said is that you were going to hell. We had NO obligation to explain to you how you were getting there. Now shut up and get on the bus with everyone else..."

Kamikaze Phoenix

The wheels on the bus go "Get these fucking things off me!"


What Otto see when he looks at his Springfield Elementary school bus.


How do we get kids to go to school instead of taking drugs? If only we could make it look like school had the same effect...


To save money, the school district went with a new experimental green technology. The bus is fueled by a child's terror.


Autobots roll out...another joint


Uh, your greyhound has worms...

Thomas Calnan

Registered Sex Offender Public Bus System...Coming to a city near you.


This is what it takes to pleasure Pamela Anderson these days.


The public transport near chernobyl hasn't been the same since the disaster.


The Oscar Mayer wienermobile makes its annual appearance at Burning Man.


Around the same time the Mystery Machine was made, so was the Ecstasy Engine.

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