Craptions Classics October 02, 2010

Not the smoking hot pussy I was looking for google.


Other Craptions

On Dora today. Dora learns how to roll a joint.


Dr. Seuss's - The Cat On The Crack.


"True. Lung cancer is BAD.... but not being cool is WORSE."


"Hey Joe, check out that pussy over there!" "Yeah, and her Pink shirt is nice to" "Joe that's not at all what I was talking about and we should really have a talk later"


Oh sure, you can smoke all you want when you have nine lives...

Thomas Calnan

If your parents haven't taught you to stay away from cats with lazy eyes, in v-cut sweaters, smoking cigarettes with their hands in their pockets while giving the sign for the shocker...well......


"I know Joe Camel.... You sir are no Joe Camel."


Sure he'll put his butts in the ashtray, but I still can't get him to shit in the litter box.


The government's plan to use a combination of animals, cartoons, and tear gas to convince kids not to smoke seems pretty much foolproof.


"Watch it kid! Don't stand too close. Second-hand pretension can be dangerous."


You know, this habit isn't going to help with the hairballs...

Thomas Calnan

Fluffy Nutter quickly regretted putting his hand in his pocket before remembering to blow out the match.


Stupid cats and their territory-marking pheromones. It's gonna take weeks to wash the smell out of Julie's hair.


"Hey kid... You got the tuna?"

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