Craptions Classics September 26, 2010

We take them for granted now, but it took our ancestors years to tame wild automobiles.


Other Craptions

If the bait even works...that rabbit is going to kill them all.

Kamikaze Phoenix

Why does no one else seem to take issue with the way Veggie Tales portray the Crucifixion?


"What? It's duck season? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!"


"The evil snowman is slain! The land is at peace once more!"


The following morning most people disregard the stoned plans they made with friends at 3 AM. These guys aren't most people.


We've got a message from the Ayatolla. It says "You fools, you were supposed to find the RABBI".


New studies are finding that we need more beta carotene than once thought. Scientists are describing this amount as a "shitload."


PETA breaks the world record for biggest salad, and largest collection of preachy assholes


The considerably less popular cousin to the ice cream truck.


You can laugh, but their vision is so good they can see through brick walls.


This would be a great idea if trucks liked to eat carrots.


It's amazing what 15 people and a sheet of acid can accomplish in just a few hours.


I don't care Dave. Keep driving untill we catch that carrot.


When most kids' pets run away, parents can only console their children, or buy them new animals. But my Dad? He was the shit.

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