Craptions Classics June 28, 2006

There were only three survivors when their shuttle crashed on this uninhabited world. And, thus, the race of Ewoks was born.


Other Craptions

Likes: Long walks in the forest, a night at the movies, strangling puppies.
Dislikes: Belts.


Ah...Mitch? I think you misunderstood when I said we were gonna pick up some fine bitches and do some nasty things tonight....

Rat Boy

"Is it okay if i give you the materials for my coat upfront?"


The first rule of fight club is: you do NOT bring puppies to fight clu---goddamn it Gary! Not again!



Leather Vest
Bronze Plate
Silk Robe


2 a day seemed extreme, but Lance would see the diet through.


Studies have proven that just looking at certain pictures can make you gay.

Lance Awesome

Abs? Check. Puppies? Check. Sappy fake sensitive-man look? Check. Prepare for the incoming deluge of 15 yr old MySpace ass....


Tonight on "cajun cooking"


This is a test of the gay broadcasting system. If your immediate reaction to this photo was to stare at the plunging pelvic line, you are gay. If you pretended you didn't and are instead admiring the puppies, you are in fact, gay and in denial. CP2020

The puppies had been saved from the bear, but at what cost?

Senor Taco

Most people opted for knuckle tattoos while in prison, Paul however, was a different sort of fish


Hey, Congressman Foley, I finally found that pic you wanted.

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