Craptions Classics September 24, 2010

Uh... not the "bitches with strap-ons" I was looking for, Google.


Other Craptions

Even though you the don't ask don't tell policy was still in effect, everyone knew that Sgt Woofers was a dog


Michael Vick never saw it coming.


"I'm not picking up his shit 'cause he's a dog. I'm picking up his shit 'cause he's a general."

Thomas Calnan

I bet he has awesome vet benefits.


Despite being fixed, this dog still has more balls than you.


Because if we don't find a way to mark our territory, we'll never keep the terrorists out


Tragedy struck when they threw a hand grenade and Fido brought it back to them.

Thomas Calnan

I'm all for equal treatment, but letting blind people skydive is pushing it.


This here is how we separate the dobermans from the doberboys.


“There is absolutely no way this will fail.”


The question is not "IF" flying terror-cats will be invented, but "WHEN". And when that day comes, we'll be ready.


OK, Rex, stick with the plan this time. We drop you in, you dig up their flower garden, and your out. I don't want another leg-humping episode again.


"Dammit men, promise me you won't let me die out there. I've got 19 new born pups I've never laid eyes on..."


He's a Blackhawk pilot, and he's an MP, and he's just a loveavble mutt from the streets of Kabul. Together they make the newest sit-com from ABC: Three's Company C.

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