Craptions Classics September 22, 2010

Things would really get awkward when Bret volunteered to be the "Queen"


Other Craptions

"Mant Farm." Oh no, the pictures have become self aware and started craptioning themselves!


Everyone wanted to come up and see the giant magnifying glass that had appeared on the horizon.


It was really only marginally better than "Roach Motel" across the street.

Kamikaze Phoenix

The Mants thoughts they were safe until the WASPs arrived.


In Arizona they're filling these things with illegal immigrants and making Alien Mant Farm.


Damn it... EVERY time I try to have a picnic.

Thomas Calnan

It's still more fun than Euro Disney.

Jeff Kelly

The Dig Dug Amusement Park was a dismal failure.


It's people! Mant Farm is people!!


Go ahead and laugh, but they're the most productive society around.


Assembly time: 212 man hours. Novelty time: 4.5 minutes.


What an amazing structure! They must be Carpenter Mants.

Thomas Calnan

They put one of these up in Arkansas and three people died trying to find the way out.


Aunt Farm is down the road.

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