Craptions Classics September 15, 2010

They've finally invented a blow-up doll that will screw YOU.


Other Craptions

Funny, mine usually points to my left.


I'm sorry to say, sir, but you have penis cancer. We would have caught it sooner, but all the signs were pointing elsewhere.


Try as they might, the good people at H&R Block just couldn't compete with Jackson-Hewitts giant, inlatable tits.


Trust me, you DON'T want to see the advert for the proctologist down the street.


It was then that he saw her, sitting on the building across the street: The inflatable used car lot gorilla of his dreams.

William Chase Mitchel

California's new marijuana law might make things look a little different.


If your income isn't keeping up with inflation, at least your tax preparer will be.


More like H&R Co... I can't do it, I just can't.


Seriously, if you need this thing to find your way to a building two feet away, maybe you shouldn't be outside by yourself.


I find your choice of advertising taxing.


H&R Block CEO board meeting "Dammit John, what are we going to do with the rest of this blow and that inflatable party doll?" "Steve, erase those tapes from last night, get a sharpie, and meet me outside"


He swallowed that the wrong way.


If you don't buy our services, we'll send him to your home where he'll flap in your children's window while they sleep


The direction becomes less accurate the colder it gets outside

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