Craptions Classics June 27, 2006

"Yeah, and maybe someday zebras will fly out of my HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!"


Other Craptions

Was the zebra white with black stripes or black with white stripes? Timmy had to stop thinking about it, it was making his nuts hurt.

Mr K


I, Idiot

"That's it, I'm cancelling the Discovery Channel," Jesse's mother vowed to herself when she saw her son presenting to his balloon.

Linux fan

Now the hard part, it's time to get the rest of the merry-go-round out....


Timmy relaized that getting kicked in the nuts by a balloon zebra was probably too much to go through for a Klondike Bar.


Suddenly, Johnny knew he shouldn't have swallowed that Jumanji game piece


The lifecycle of the common Zebra is far more complicated than many people suspect.


Hue knew the truth, but no one really knew what Scientology was all about. He figured a demonstration would gather supporters.

Supreme Nacho

Hogtied with a balloon and bent over, Billy knew he was in a tightspot. When Michael Jackson came struting along the road, Billy knew it was time ro abandon all hope.


Hmmm, I don't remember eating that piece of red string.


did anyone tell the kid it might be easier with his pants down


For some reason, the "Prince Albert Balloon Animal" never really caught on with the adults.

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