Craptions Classics September 09, 2010

I was stuck on a deserted island for three months. I was starving and lonely. Then I saw this boat come by... so I hid behind a tree until they left.

Thomas Calnan

Other Craptions

World of War Raft.


God, I really hope this is from the opening scene in the next Jaws picture.


First, there was the Ship Of Fools. Then came the Raft Of Idiots.


Oddly enough, there's an app for this.


Gives new meaning to Virgin Atlantic, doesn't it?


Wear a suit. Eat a meal. Sit on an uncomfortable stool. Swordfight. Yep, this is a pretty comprehensive list of "things I wouldn't want to do on a raft."


Welcome to Thunderboat... 25 men enter, everbody drowns...


The resultant drop in trade due to the recession has hit the piracy industry hard.


Huck and Jim immediately regretted their decision to "see if those nice weirdos need a ride."

William Chase Mitchel

The "Floating Dinner Theater" was a huge success... until they hit the rapids.


Release the Kracken!


Well... there's twenty guys on this raft and room for one more, what do you think? "Fkellaghan"?... "Sure"... "BEGIN THE RITUAL!!!!!"


"Shit. We forgot the oars."


Someone tell the guy in the gray suit that the theme of the cruise is The Middle Ages, not middle age.

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