Craptions Classics September 05, 2010

Meanwhile, on the 103rd floor, Brian witnesses the most inept window washing team ever assembled..


Other Craptions

Ninja lore often tells a story of silence, quickness, it's almost like they just appear out of no where.....but setup is a bitch.


Go ahead. Build your wall Arizona. We'll find a way in. We always find a way.


why can't the damn drama kids just get wasted behind the back of a 7-11 like the rest of us?


Just how many ninjas does it take to change a damn lightbulb.


I'm sick of how parents baby their kids now. In my day, our playgrounds had gravel under the swings, rust jungle gyms and ninjas.


"Yeah, the black man group is pretty nice. I wouldn't let them near my car though."


Day 276...Still no superpowers. We'll try again tomorrow.

Kamikaze Phoenix

well THAT was the worst swingers party I've ever been to...


Looks like the studio really slashed the special effects budget for "Spiderman 4."


"Not only are they NOT dead...I don't even think you know what a noose IS!"

Kamikaze Phoenix

No wonder Nixon lied about Watergate. I wouldn't have believed this either.


Theses are the coders of Adobe Acrobat,so that explains alot.


"To Catch A Predator" is trying out a new formula.


"So You Think You Can Be A Superhero."

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