Craptions Classics June 26, 2006

Ben will always be remembered for his highly orignal suicide.


Other Craptions

All your bass are belong to us.


As the sun set on his first day of classes, Ben finally had to admit he didn't know where the fuck the music building was.


Phil didn't quite understand the concept of base jumping.


Out of lightning bolts, Zeus scoured his den for alternatives.


Fiddler on the Roof 2: Bigger, Badder, and Celloer


Phillip knew his father had been killed by a grand piano falling out of the sky, but he could never have forseen his own fate.


Look Genie, clean out your fucking ears! I wished for a 12inch pianist, and this is obviously a violin player.


The devil went down to Georgia, saw what they did to stringed instrument players down there, and went home.


Yo Yo Ma does the Dew.


Desperate Afghan insurgents have finally discovered the one weakness of the B-52: its love of dance.

Linux fan

The army may have rejected Johnson's Rocket propelled cello idea, but he would have the last laugh....


After hours of trying to play his new Trombone, Tommy knew something was wrong..


In all the world, and all the fetishes there had never been one so socially unacceptable as this.


"YEMEN!! Are you ready to lite-ROCK?!?"

Silly Billy
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