Craptions Classics February 05, 2006

North Korea announced this week that it had developed two hydrogen bombs and was prepared to use them if provoked

Rat Boy

Other Craptions

In the Communist realm of North Korea, not even balloons are allowed to be free.

Haschel Cedricson

The crew of the first manned Chinese space mission pose for pictures seconds before takeoff.

Linux fan

"This is gonna be the best Holocaust ever!"

Senor Taco

It was then that Enisgn Kim realized just how underfunded the Japanese Air Force Really was.

Rocket Sauce

Disneyworld; North Korea was a dismal failure.


Korea's first Gay Pride parade went ahead with little state interference.


Mommy, mommy! Buy me a barroon!


After the slogan, 'Don't worry be happy' failed to generate morale, the government decided to bring in the army


As North Korea's finest stared ahead, Bush's super secret counter-terrorism team slowly closed in....


Luckily, Iraq's weapon of mass destruction, which could almost make a child scared remained hidden.


The police have cordoned off this area to prevent the spread of fun.

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