Craptions Classics June 25, 2006

I don't care how forbidden you think your love is. This is forbiddener.

Chab Gassie

Other Craptions

After a night of heavy drinking, Pacman pukes up the entire contents of levels 1 through 8

negative score

Why live action hentai is the WORST IDEA EVER.


Sauron learned about the orcs shit blueprint-reading skills the hard way when his other eye ended up 300 miles out to sea.

Celestial Gold

Jim's "Incredible Voyage" was for naught. The sperm had beat him to the ovum.

Silly Billy

Sadly, the Discovery Channel's "Giant Fucking Jellyfish Week" never really caught on.


Behold, the sea testicle

Jaques Custo

Excuse me, ma'am? You dropped your purse!


The jellyfish does wise to abandon its feeding attempts and make off. While small and graceful, the sting of a scuba diver can paralyze and ultimately kill an animal up to twenty times its size. The jellyfish will sleep hungry today, but alive.


Thats no jellyfish! Its a space station!


So far the Metroid movie was staying true to the game...


Just a day in the life of a Chinese noodle diver.


With a rub of the lamp, the Genie popped out. John was surprised, but not pleasantly.

Senor Taco

John was overjoyed when he finally after years of searching, found poseidons left testicle.


One of the more original, not to mention entertaining, methods of committing suicide.

Linux fan
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