Craptions Classics August 22, 2010

An attempt to expose World of Warcraft players to fresh air, sunlight and normal human interactions wasn't initially successful.


Other Craptions

"Wait! That's only the first Justin Bieber song! Come back...there's more!"

Kamikaze Phoenix

Even aliens have the same reaction to "two girls, one cup".


Cleanup in Area 51... Cleanup in Area 51...


Teenagers vandalized the statues by putting clothes on them and cleaning up their mess.

bulsa wood jackson

Well this is one way to keep the parks empty at night.


"When I said 'show me what you're made of' I meant, you know... 'do your best' or something like that."


Thank you for calling The National Endowment for the Arts, where our motto is, "If you've got a sick and twisted idea that should never be viewed by the eyes of mortal men, then we'll give you the cash to make it."


He was so proud. He had practiced hours and hours just to get the “hello earthlings” gesture just right.


Bulimia Awareness Day.


you may have eaten 5000 humans, but the joke's on you, we've spent the past 100 years poisoning ourselves with fast food and jagerbombs.


Looks like the lifestyle of the cast of The Jersey Shore has finally caught up to them.


guess who just watched the alien autopsy video?


Lady Gaga's music videos just keep getting weirder and weirder.


E.T.'s cousin, E.C., never was the social type.

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