Craptions Classics June 22, 2006

It quickly became clear that the genie had misunderstood her wish for "a couple of fags".
Lori hated being English.

negative score

Other Craptions

Its really embarressing when you forget to take the price-tag off your new gimp.

Celestial Gold

Ralph took casual Fridays very seriously.


Dude? A fanny pack? That's just so gay.


Although it had helped Roger quit smoking, the "patch" wasn't without side effects.


It was at this moment that Jenny wondered if all her friends were gay because she was so fat. The answer was yes.

I'm far too lazy to think this up

Girl: Does this t-shirt make me look fat?
Man on left: Does this bondage gear make me look gay?
Man in middle: Do this shirt and my bald head make me look like an eggplant?

Linux fan

Although its a huge success, E-Harmony does have its horror stories....

Rat Boy

Here we see a leaked production shot of the alleged next "South Park" movie, depicting what what fans believe are Mr. Slave, Mr. Garrison and Eric Cartman.


At the warriors' reunion, Swan was dissapointed to see the others had simply moved on.


Principal Jenkins thought the school's "Bondage for Books" fundraiser was a huge success.


Holy Crap!!!!! I think that's my history teacher.

Choosing to "Like" Cracked has no side effects, so what's the worst that could happen?

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