Craptions Classics June 21, 2006

The monument of Zeus, Poseidon, and the lesser known Greek God, Dave.


Other Craptions

Posieden didn't give a shit about the guy standing over his shoulder. He just kept eating his croisant.


As Zeus got aroused, Nick found out what it was like to be between a rock and a hard on


Shedding his red and white striped shirt and cap, Waldo hoped this time he would finally evade those who would stop at nothing to find him.


Most men don't become master sand sculptor's solely to fulfill masturbatory fantasies, but Frank Baxter isn't most men.

alan wong

When barry 'heavy metal' Jones signed up to see rock gods, he was disappointed when he got there.


"Dude, don't hog the blunt"
"Man, I'm seeing some weird shit. There's, like, a tiny little gnome climbing your shoulder"


"Ummmmm, Poseidon? My penis has a question for you."

pariah green

"Er, dude, can you like, let me go?"
"No, you must pass the test."
"Whats the test?"
"Squeezing out of my arms."

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