Craptions Classics June 19, 2006

Much to her dismay, Susan got her period in the plane lavatory. Luckily, no one would ever know.


Other Craptions

Pestilence completely ruined the Apocalpyse by refusing to leave his private jet and ride forth with the other three horsemen.


Fitting a fifth propeller inside the plane turned out to be a bad idea.

Linux fan

Impossibly, the desert was catching up.

maxxy p

George Bush's plan for foreign aid: Dump Kool-aid mix into the ocean.


The DC 580s are great planes. Their only drawback is they'll tend to "ink" if startled.


The Red Cross needed that blood and jim was damned if the sky vampires were gonna get it.

vombie(the vomittingzombie)

NOT ONLY is this a terrible pun, Stanley, but you're actually painting the town ORANGE, you idiot.


The Kool-Aid Man joins the Mile High Club. OH YEAH!


Although shot down, Captain "Balls" Jones was later commended for writing "LOL! Nice stinger missile. Here comes a platoon of tanks :P" in the Afgan sky before ejecting.

Chab Gassie

"Sand. The Iraqis Wont Know What Hit 'em"


Being sucked into the engines of a jet plane was just too good a death for Carrot Top.

Shit Sandwich

Jim the co-piolet thought rapid decompression would be an awsome joke to play on the passengers.


No one would ever again laugh at Chef Mario for not using enough paprika.


The Ulster Defence Association air force attack Dublin in retaliation for the Greening of Belfast

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