Craptions Classics June 17, 2010

And for my next trick, I will gain the respect of my father!


Other Craptions

This is NOT the way registered sex offenders should notify their new neighbors that they've moved in.


The stupidest person in this picture is actually the guy who brought his three kids to watch.

Thomas Calnan

Funny how there's 12 steps to quit being an alcoholic, but only 1 to become one.


Well it was either this or watch the World Cup. Personally I stand by this desicion.


Somewhere, a reality show casting director just had an orgasm.


Justin Bieber: The Later Years.


When the Scared Straight program fails, the Scarred Forever team takes action.


"No no... trust me. I juggle knives MUCH better after a beer or two!"

Thomas Calnan

The University of Phoenix admissions process doesn't really emphasize SAT scores anymore.


O.K David Wong, I'll concede that E3 isn't what it used to be.


Never go full retard.


Wow, it IS fun to stay at the YMCA.

Kelly Robinson

And here I was on the verge of having hope for humanity


This really gives you the essence of Greco-Roman wrestling. Minus the wrestling. And the Roman. The ties to Greek life are still strong, though.

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