Craptions Classics June 18, 2006

After a successful crash diet, Jim decides to burn his old shirt.


Other Craptions

With his ingenious disguise in place, Carl was able to sneak up on the flag undetected.


They burnt down his house, they broke his legs but the Other Team would never capture his flag.

Manitoba Joe

Never one to be outdone by the Chinese, Roger attempted to ensure that his 'Great Wall of America' could be seen from outer space as well.

The Zipper

After thirty years of being forced to do the Statue of Liberty's laundry for less than minimum wage, Miguel finally snapped.

Linux fan

However noble, colonising hell wasn't the brightest of ideas.


Burning the flag is bad, but undercooking it is even worse!


Some Americans wenta bit over the top with the Red-Indian signal fire.


After becoming highly intoxicated at last years PWOT 4th of July barbecue John Cheese decides to "Get this party started." It is only 9:30AM.


Dear Diary,

I would tell you how my recital went, but you probably wouldn't believe me...

Xanadu Janitor

Out damn spot... good thing my crutch landed in that chewing gum... lemme finish my smoke...

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